Roadsted Nantucket Tea Lightly Caffeinated

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Organic Roasted Green Tea

from Kyushu Island, Japan.

Contains: 2 / Oz of Organic Roasted 100% Green Tea from Kyushu Island, Japan.

Roasted tea was invented in 1920’s by Japanese tea merchant. Think of all white summer party.

This tea is very light in astringency and reduced caffeine content, would be perfect for late Afternoon Tea selection and could make a wonderful Tea Latte.

Tasting profile: rich and aromatic strong-roasted flavor, slightly sweet and charred taste that is very light on the tongue.

We would pair it with strawberry topped mascarpone cheesecake, morning pancakes or brown sugar donuts.

Perfect brew: steep 4 grams (two tea spoons) of tea per 7fl. oz. of fresh water at 212*F for 45 seconds. Strain. Enjoy.

Could be re-steeped up to one time by adding extra 45 seconds brewing time.