“Sconset Common” Organic Green Tea

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2 / Oz of Organic 100% Green Tea from Kyushu Island, Japan.

Perfect for everyday consumption and great entry level loose leaf tea for a tea lover. Non demanding profile of this tea will keep you happy throughout the day - steep it hot or cold, make a Sun Tea* and bring it to the beach! 

Tasting profile: liquor is light shade of yellow with medium astringency and light smell of straw, medium vegetal slightly woody flavor with hints of grassy and buttery notes. Light and smooth aftertaste. For more enhanced flavor profile, please try our Organic Sencha Green Tea.

Perfect brew: steep 2 grams (one tea spoon or good pinch) of tea per 6 fl. oz. of fresh water at 175*F for 4 minutes. Strain. Enjoy.

Could be re-steeped up to one time. 

We would pair it with local white fish, light salads or cucumber sandwiches.

* Sun Tea - add few spoons of tea per container (roughly a spoon per 6 fl.oz.), load it with cubes of ice and let the sun melt it. Tea will brew as the ice is being melted by the Sun. It’s a long and perfect cold brewing process if you decided to spend your day at the beach or just hanging out on your porch catching  some Sun rays.  

 Net. Wt.: 2 oz. (56 grams) / Serving Size: 0.07 oz. (2 grams) / Servings per package: 30 / Contains: 100% organic green tea (Camellia Sinensis). Plucked and produced: late autumn 2019.