Nantucket Tea Mail

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Greetings from Nantucket with Tea!

Nantucket Tea Mail is your monthly parcel of organic and fresh tea with a hint to Nantucket’s history!

Get new teas every month! All Nantucket Teas are sourced directly from the tea plantations. Freshly harvest, organically grown and linked to Nantucket’s history.
We will levitate the hassle and cherry pick tea for you according to the season of harvest and time of the year so you’ll have the fresh tea selection each time you order.

Nantucket Tea Mail will allow you to chose and decide which tea is your favorite, broaden your spectrum of taste in high quality teas and give you bragging rights while enjoying it with your friends.

Oh! Friends.. that’s right, keep them at the safe distance and send Nantucket Tea Mailer as a gift!

No occasion needed when it comes to afternoons with Nantucket Tea!

This holiday season we are celebrating 200 years since legendary voyage of Nantucket whaler Essex to then fairly unknown waters of Pacific Ocean, what later inspired Herman MeIville to write his famous novel - Mobby Dick or, The Whale! Thats why this season Nantucket Tea Mailer will bring you organic, high quality teas from Pacific Islands to your table!

Stay at home. Stay safe and healthy. Travel the world with us!


Every season you will receive a different selection of teas so you’ll never get bored!