Roasted Toasted & Blended Holiday Teas

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Limited series of Roasted Toasted & Blended Holiday Tea Selection! 

Enjoy on your own, share it with family and friends or send it as a gift for your loved ones!

This holiday season we prepared a special tea selection for you to stay healthy by strengthening , detoxifying and  rejuvenating your immune system. Organic fresh green teas tastes somewhat more cheerful when Roasted Toasted and Blended!
You’ll receive three 1.5 Oz loose leaf tea bags: c
arefully Roasted green tea that’s very low on caffeine and would perfectly substitute your morning coffee when turned in to “La-Tea” with a dash of milk, naturally fragrant common green tea blended with Toasted Japanese rice to fill the room with fresh baked popcorn aroma and fine green tea Blended with Yuzu citrus for extra vitamin C oomph!  

All it takes is a good quality tea to make it an enjoyable habit that could be easily turned into your family's tradition or perhaps a personal healthy quest what will allow you to enjoy yet another luxury of life.

You would also be interested in trying the best teas and exploring the world while staying at home with our Nantucket Tea Mailer. Or even trying out online degustation! Ether way we will make sure that you’ll get fresh tea on your table, learn to prepare a perfect cup, enjoy it and serve it to your family and friends. 

Stay close, stay healthy, learn healthy habits and show your family and friends how much you care with Nantucket Teas!







Roasted Tea 1.5oz
Ingredients: 100% organic green tea (Camellia Sinensis).
Product of Japan

Toasted Tea 1.5oz
Ingredients: 60% organic green tea (Camellia Sinensis), 40% toasted rice.
Product of Japan

Blended Tea 1.5
Ingredients: 70% organic green tea (Camellia Sinensis), 30% Yuzu fruit.
Product of Japan