White Whale Tea

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Organic White Tea from highest mountains in the world! 

Contains: 1 Oz of lose leaf organic 100% white tea from Himalayan mountains, Nepal.

This light* profile tea is very easy to enjoy and hard to let it go once you develop a taste for it. Mild astringency slightly overpowered by floral notes with long lasting undertones will keep your tasting pallet  entertained throughout the day. 
Could be brewed hot or cold.

Tasting profile: velvety, floral, notes of vanilla and spring blossoms, muscatel, slightly buttery.

Perfect brew:

Hot - steep 3 grams (one pinch) of tea per 8 fl. oz. of fresh water at 180*F for 4 minutes. Stain. Enjoy.

Could be re-steeped up to one time. 

Cold - leave overnight to steep 6 grams (two pinches) of tea in one quart of fresh cold water. Strain. Enjoy. Delicious with extra ice and mint on the side.

We would pair it with club sandwiches, fresh salads or local shellfish.

*White tea is lighter in flavor compared to green or black teas, pale yellow in color and fully caffeinated. It’s name derives from appearance of furry baby leafs and buds that are not fully matured and look white rather than green.

Net. Wt.: 1 oz. (28 grams) / Serving Size: 0.1 oz. (3 grams) / Servings per package: 9 / Contains: 100% organic green tea (Camellia Sinensis). Plucked and produced: autumn 2019.